“Weatherization” and what does it mean to me?

When someone says “you need to think about doing some Weatherization to tighten up this house” do you really know what they are talking about? Without going into the whole science of the matter we will give you the crash course and just about everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

First let’s start by giving some real statistics on what good can come from “Green Energy Practices”. The US Department of Energy” estimates that weatherization returns $2.69 for each dollar spent on the program, families whose homes are weatherized are expected to save $358.00 on their first year’s utility bills. Weatherization has become high-profile, as the cost of utilities keep rising. Not only is this a great thing for the pocket but it is also great for the environment, in the United States we use one third of all energy consumed and two thirds of all electricity. We are contributing to the urban air quality problems and pollutants that contribute to climate change. But do not fear there is something we can do to help change all the negative and still live very comfortably I might add!

So what exactly is “Weatherization” you ask? It is the practice of protecting the interior of the structure from the elements; heat, moisture and air infiltration. It also reduces energy use and saves you money!
Let’s get down to business and discuss exactly what is done when you have a “Weatherization” company come out to your house. Sealing just about everything in your home, recessed lighting-windows-air ducts-pipes-skylights-doors and insulating pipes-water heaters-attics and wall cavities just to name a few of the components. “Think of your house like a balloon and how if you had a small hole all the air would flow out and the balloon would be flat” explains Jason Scheurer from “Building Energy Science Techs”

In closing, Weatherization is a very good thing when done correctly by professionals. It will save you money, make your home more comfortable and is great for the environment, so consider making your home healthier and in return it will make you a healthier person too!

Jason Scheurer