The Advantages of ZERO ENERGY HOMES

Have you been thinking of Remodeling or maybe you want to Build a new home?

With cost effective design and construction, Zero Energy Homes may add 5-10% over the cost of similar homes built to code.  The average monthly energy savings will be greatly increased, creating a lower monthly cost of ownership.  You will also be living in a more comfortable, healthier home with less maintenance.

I want to lay out at least 20 benefits of Zero Energy Living:

  1. Combat climate change
  2. Lower cost of home ownership
  3. Enjoy cleaner fresher air
  4. Own a more durable home
  5. Let the sunshine in
  6. Pioneer the future
  7. Live anywhere
  8. Enjoy year-round comfort
  9. Be healthier
  10. Relax in peace and quiet
  11. Stop paying increasingly higher utility cost
  12. Higher resale value
  13. Enjoy a clean source of energy
  14. Live in a low maintenance home
  15. Pay less in water bills
  16. Be positive
  17. Get instant hot water
  18. Light up your home
  19. Enjoy quick and accurate cooking
  20. Invest wisely

Designing and Building Zero Energy Homes takes a few steps to move in the right direction, we take the guess work out of the process.  BEST Techs Contracting a Design, Build, Remodel firm are the experts in the field of Home Performance Building, let us help you get the beautiful home you deserve.