Remodeling? Speed vs. Cost vs. Quality

For as long as people have been buying and selling goods orSpeed Cost Quality
delivering a service, the conundrum of price vs. quality vs.
speed of delivery has existed. When acquiring a product or
service, do you really want it to be the cheapest?
Jason entered the construction industry when he was a
teenager, in the “Hands On” labor environment, which is
something he is no stranger to. “Even though I have many
years’ experience in sales and project management now, I
am still taken by surprise when customers expect the whole
package at the lowest price and as soon as possible.” Of
course, everyone wants the best deal or the best value for money on the best product in the least amount of time. That is human nature.  A reality check is in play when doing things right.
Jason and Penny have been studying building science for over 15 years, specializing in building
defects, Indoor Air Quality, Sustainability, Non-Toxic and No VOC materials, they have noticed
that this is a specialty field that takes a lot of time, patience, commitment, and most of all,
knowledge to fulfill their clients wants, needs and wishes.  This is where BEST-Techs Contracting
does its job. We offer a quality green renovation at a standard higher than our competition. We are committed
to providing our clients with energy efficient, Sustainable, Green Renovations that provide great Indoor
Air Quality, for a fair price and great value. We test, measure, and prove our End Results! These same standards should be applied by all contractors, but very few care about quality, due to lack of education and homeowner “Low Bid” mentality. Let’s take the car industry for instance. Lexus, Mercedes Benz, and BMW are top sellers in their
respective segments, but they are certainly not the cheapest. Yet people buy them, because they are known for quality and reliability. BEST-Techs Contracting wants to set the same example for the construction industry, “Do It Right The First Time Around!” says Jason Scheurer, Lead Building Scientist and Forensic Building Investigator. There are expectations to be made from our clients and we need to reach, and exceed them. The same should be applied in all industries, especially when choosing your contractor for doing green renovations to a house, as this is the biggest purchase the average person will ever make. So, you want SPEED, COST, AND QUALITY all wrapped up into one? When looking for your next contractor of choice, consider what matters most to you. Look to the graphic above for your expectations, which two will you decide on for your home’s investment?


Written by: Jason Scheurer,
OC & LA – (714) 330 – 4500 | VEN & SB – (805) 308 – 6392