You have finally saved enough money and found the perfect house for your family, now it’s time to purchase, Right?

What if you could decide between a home that was certified with a GREEN Label like “GREEN POINT RATED” for the Energy Efficient Upgrades that have been installed?

You would be informed by your Real Estate Agent that this particular property has no energy bills, more comfortable, healthier living environment and Eco friendly than any other house you have looked at previously.

Would you be interested in looking at the home?  Why wouldn’t you want to look at this house, it has recent renovations performed by an Energy Efficient General Contractor and now you do not have to worry about Energy Efficient upgrades.  After all the time and saving you have put in to find your home, the last thing you might want is to worry about is your furnace, hot water heater, maybe adding solar and many other appliances that can zap your energy usage and financially sky rocket out of control.  Purchasing and/or remodeling for the future is the BEST way to spend your hard-earned money, energy cost are only going up and our planet needs help.

Next time you think about purchasing a home or remodeling the one you own, take a look at the Energy Efficient Upgrades that can and will save you money and comfort not to mention your health from the day your remodel is complete!


We at BEST Techs Contracting give all our Energy Efficient Clients a manual for their home once the work is complete.  This manual we loving call our H.E.M.P. folder (Home Energy Maintenance Program) gives the client all the improvements listed and products installed along with an Energy Assessment Report that shows the Energy Reduction.  You will also have all the product manuals included with maintenance appointments for follow up visits at no cost to you.

We also offer Green Point Rated (GPR) Labels to our customers, their remodels must qualify for this label.  The GPR will give you the Certification your home deserves after an extensive energy efficient update. Take a look at the link below to read an article from BUILD IT GREEN about Green Labels for the residential market in the future.

Looking to the future…. Our Real Estate Professionals will be trained to recognize and properly communicate Energy Efficient features to their clients.  We will also start to see the MLS have designation for Green Labeled homes, allowing consumers to find these types of homes easier and understand how they are different.

We can all save money, live in a home that is ready for the world ahead and save the planet one home at a time!