In 2008, Penny and Jason took on a project in Orange County unlike any in the surrounding neighborhood had ever seen. Built when Penny & Jason owned Living Green Homes, their project called – 319 21st St. in Huntington Beach, stands as a prime example of what it means to build green.

The Vision

After years in the green building industry, Jason and Penny decided it was time to build a home that would not only serve as a healthy and comfortable residence for their buyer, but would also be a signpost for what modern building practices can be embraced by contractors to promote greener construction in the area.

Jason and Penny’s choice for the neighborhood was particularly interesting given the fact that none of the surrounding homes exhibited characteristics of green, sustainable building practices. Living Green on 319 stood out as the “greenest” home in the area at that point in time.

The Home

They decided to build Living Green on 319 to be a Net Zero Energy (NZE) home, which means that it had to be capable of producing just as much energy as it utilizes on a monthly and yearly basis. With solar PV panels built into the roof as the final green feature, energy creation was a veritable non-issue.

The home itself was built with 70% FSC-certified lumber — wood either from FSC-certified forests or that which was derived from post-consumer materials. The foundation of the home was poured with fly ash, a residual material from coal combustion that makes cement more durable. Combined with lead-free water saving faucets, slick granite counter tops (made from recycled glass and concrete) and zero VOC paints, the home at 21st Street stands as an impressive example of green, sustainable building practices.

Still Building Green with BEST-Techs

The home Jason and Penny built on 21st Street in Huntington Beach is several years old at this point, but that makes it no less important today than it was the day it was built. Jason and Penny are still building green with BEST-Techs Contracting and their team is ready to show you what the principles of green building can do for your home.