Energy Audits

If you seem to be paying high energy bills each month, if you find some rooms in your home are too hot or too cold or if you simply want to see the impact you’re having on the environment, an energy audit can help. BEST-Techs conducts home energy audits to help homeowners like you in Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles and Orange Counties solve inefficiency mysteries in their homes and improve them to be more energy efficient, healthy, comfortable and cost-effective.

What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is an assessment of your home’s energy usage. It can help pinpoint the areas where you could be saving energy, and, therefore, money. During your home’s energy audit, BEST-Techs will provide the following:

A Free Visual Inspection

BEST-Techs will conduct a free visual inspection of your property to see if there are any evident deficiencies in your home that could be impacting its energy efficiency. Although this will not uncover all areas that require improvements, it is a great start to see where further testing may need to be done.

Energy Bill Analysis

As a part of a full energy audit, we will ask you to provide us with any energy bills you may have to try and determine your home’s energy usage. Comparing your home’s actual usage with the expected usage will provide us insight into the overall efficiency of your home’s systems.

Envelope Inspection

Using special equipment, BEST-Techs will test your home’s building envelope, or the perimeter between the conditioned (heated and cooled) and unconditioned air. We will look for insulation levels and air leaks to see where your expensively conditioned air may be escaping.

Systems Inspection

We will inspect your home’s heating and cooling units and other mechanical systems to determine how safe and efficient they are. We can also analyze your lighting and recommend higher-efficiency alternatives.

Energy Audit Benefits for Your Home

Conducting an energy audit with BEST-Techs will give you insight into how you could improve you home’s efficiency. A detailed report provided at the conclusion of a full energy audit will suggest the most effective measures and potential retrofits which may cut your energy costs (which may include insulation, air sealing upgrades, and more). Implement the recommended solutions have the added benefit of potentially resolving serious comfort and health issues in your Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles or Orange County home.

BEST-Techs: Energy Audit Experts

BEST-Techs has more than 30 years of experience in the home performance industry, and our team has been providing energy consulting from the start. Our expertise of how your home can be made more efficient will provide you with increased savings, comfort and health at home.

Contact BEST-Techs today to learn more or schedule an energy audit for your Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles or Orange County home!