Cool Roofs, Cool Home


Asphalt composition and tile roofs are common on houses. What else is common about these types of roofs? They insulate due to their thermal mass, and the unventilated air space between the roof and building keeps in all the heat. So when, as a southern Californian, the days become increasingly hotter, your roof is doing you no favors by keeping in the heat.
A cool roof system, on the other hand, ventilates the air space through a ridge and therefore keeps the roof, and your house, cool. Let’s break it down: with a cool roof system, the air enters through a vented eave riser between the roof and the building and pushes the hot air upward. At the top of your roof, the hot air is released through a ridge, keeping your building cooler.
The benefits of a cool roof system, you ask? Well first off, you will have a massive reduction in energy usage. With normal tile roofs, the heat is trapped due to the insulation, and homeowners who are suffering from the heat of the weather plus their insulated roof choose to switch on the AC unit. A big plus with the cool roof system is that you do not need to use the AC as often; the cool roof system itself is non-electrical and has no mechanical parts, which means no hidden electricity usage. Not only do they require no electricity to keep your home cooler, they also last longer than traditional roofs. The ventilation design keeps moisture and rot out of the airspace, while traditional roofing deteriorates because there is no ventilation in the insulated system to keep moisture at bay.
Another thing you save when you install a cool roof system: money. A test conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory stated that a single family home could save up to 22% per year on heating and cooling costs when they switch to a cool roof system compared to traditional shingle roofs. That 22% can equal to an average of $15-$20 per month, and approximately $20,000 in 30 years. It saves in the long run to switch to a cool roof system; your wallet will definitely thank you.
These savings may vary based on location; if you happen to live in Southern California during this heat wave, you would end up saving more money than say if you installed a cool roof system in Alaska. But no matter where you live, the end result is the same: a longer lasting roof that saves you more money than a tile or shingle roof. Not only are they energy efficient, they are downright smarter.
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