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How Livestock Farming Depletes the Ozone

The United States is the second highest country in the world that consumes meat, with an average American consuming 270.7 pounds per year[1]. Only Luxembourg beats this number, with an average of 301.4 pounds of meat consumed per person per year[2]. With this amount of food consumed by each person, it is no surprise that […]

Preserving National Parks

Preserving National Parks As the snow starts to melt, and the flowers begin to bloom, springtime becomes the best time to enjoy the outdoors. And what better way to enjoy the outdoors then to plan a trip to a national park? The natural wonders of America are available to anyone who wants to visit, and […]


BEST-Techs at it again! Wanted for eliminating discomfort issues with another satisfied customer Garden Grove, CA, December 16, 2015– BEST-Techs helps solve home comfort issues Home performance contracting is essential, especially when it comes to the comfort and safety of your family In this announcement you will hear the story of a customer that is […]

Keep Warm with a Vented Fireplace

Autumn is almost over; the orange leaves are falling and the crisp air of winter is settling in. It is the season of cuddling with blankets and sipping hot cocoa by the fire to keep out the cold. But turning on the fireplace may cause more harm than good this holiday season. Making sure your […]

The Silent Killer

There is a killer hiding in the crevices of your home. You cannot see this killer, you cannot touch it, nor smell it. This killer can strike anybody at any time, and you would not know it until it is too late. The killer is carbon monoxide, and it may be lurking in your home. […]

Cool Roofs, Cool Home

Asphalt composition and tile roofs are common on houses. What else is common about these types of roofs? They insulate due to their thermal mass, and the unventilated air space between the roof and building keeps in all the heat. So when, as a southern Californian, the days become increasingly hotter, your roof is doing […]

EPA versus Honey Bees

Although the ultimate destruction of our planet looms in the distance, it is not a recently discovered occurrence. Humans have been destroying Earth since we evolved into agriculturalists, and with the future’s newest technologies you would think we could invent ways to save our planet. We recognize the need for more eco-friendly laws and products […]

What Lies Beneath: Gas Pipe Inspections

Earthquakes are not the only things that lie waiting beneath the ground. In light of the Northern California earthquake on Sunday August 24, homeowners and business-run establishments need information on the condition of the gas pipes under their buildings, less something like a 6.0-magnitude quake should render them as hazardous. Though the devastation of the […]

“Weatherization” and what does it mean to me?

When someone says “you need to think about doing some Weatherization to tighten up this house” do you really know what they are talking about? Without going into the whole science of the matter we will give you the crash course and just about everything you need to know to make an informed decision. First […]